Female Hair Loss and Hair Transplant

Many people are under the impression that only males face the problem of hair loss. However, that is a myth. Women are as much prone to hair loss as their male counterparts. They are equally vulnerable to feelings of low self-esteem and plummeting self-confidence due to the loss of their precious assets. The condition can be seen in more than 10 per cent of women in their premenopausal years. If the loss is severe then they will have to ultimately settle down for hair transplant. The hair transplant surgery is the final solution to the problem of hair loss.

Cause of hair loss in women

They have the same reason for hair loss as men. They are genetically predisposed to losing hair if it runs in the family. It could start as early as her twenties, but commonly it is seen during periods of hormonal upheavals. These periods include pregnancy and menopause. The hair loss pattern is different in females though. The men tend to lose their hair from the crown and the middle. Women generally face hair thinning while the hairline remains intact. It is usual for men to become completely bald while total baldness is seen rarely in women.

Women and hair transplant

Similar to men, transplant surgery is the most effective and durable method for reviving hair. Women can realize their dream of having full, hairy scalp after opting for hair transplant surgery. The surgery is available across many parts of India. The surgery has gained popularity over the last few years owing to the technique being adopted by celebrities for arresting their hair loss.

Hair transplant process

In the primary session, the doctor will discuss the hair loss pattern and the various reasons that could be causing it. If you are eligible for the surgery, the date and time of the surgery can also be fixed in this session. The doctor will specify the donor areas and the recipient areas and the probable results.

The Action

Before taking action, the type of transplant should also be discussed and selected. Of course, the final choice will rest with the surgeon but he will take into account the condition and the preferences of the patient. The surgery can be carried out in 2 forms-

  • Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT): It involves the extraction of a strip from the scalp. The follicles are extracted from these strips and harvested onto the donor area.
  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE): It is a minimally invasive procedure, which involves the individual extraction of hair follicles and implantation into the donor area of the scalp.