Man Buns Behind Traction Alopecia

This is the age when men sport many kinds of hairstyles. They not only leave their long hair loose but also wear ponytail sometimes. Folded ponytail or man buns are gaining popularity. However, is the hairstyle causing pulling of hair and resulting in traction alopecia? It could be possible.

A Summer Style

While many people gear up for the long summers by getting their hair cut, some men choose not to part with their long mane and instead wear it high so that they look and feel cool. Yes, the style looks super cool but it might not be as suitable for your hair. Some may even go a step forward and style it into a tight bun in the middle of their head. We already told you about traction alopecia.It is a condition which is self-inflicted. It can affect both men and women. It is commonly caused by hairstyles which constantly pull the hair. The pulling causes much more stress on the hairline which in turn causes stress on the follicles. This kind of styling and stress, if continued, will lead to hair loss permanently. If one is careful, he can observe that some other signs are visible on the forehead which points towards immense stress on the hair follicles. One can observe redness and itching in the area. Even small pimples can be seen in the area. If you wish to ignore these signs, expect hair to come out in patches and cause permanent hair loss. If you find yourself in such a condition, you will have to avail a hair loss treatment. We suggest that you try out hair transplant if all other options fail to work out. Hair transplant surgery is the last resort for many alopecia patients.

Treatment of Alopecia

Whatever stage you are in, it is best to leave doing that hairstyle. So it is better to do away with the hairstyle. Look out for the early signs that indicate your condition. Although you will need medicine for correcting it, it will work in your favor if you do away with the hairstyle.

Treatment offered by Hair Clinics–

Well, the problem used to be prevalent in women but it can be seen in men as well as they have started using the new hairstyle. Either they will have to learn to wear the style in its loose bun avatar or simply not even think about it. Choosing to ignore the harmful effects of the style may cost you dearly. Try your best to prevent the condition otherwise facing the consequences will be quite unpleasant.