Obesity Relation with Pattern Balding?

With the weighing scale tipping in the wrong direction for many people, obesity is fast becoming an inevitable truth. It can lead to various disorders which endanger our life. You can expect a series of lifestyle diseases to follow after getting obese. But did you know that the diseases can lead to hair loss as well? It seems there is a close connection between the two, according to recent research. If the hair loss continues unabated, it can lead to complete baldness. To prevent yourself from reaching the condition, one must opt for a hair transplant surgery while here is a substantial amount of hair left on the scalp. Hair transplant is one of the major methods of treating hair loss.


The modern age phenomenon is occurring due to a sedentary lifestyle and high-calorie food intake. The problems don’t stop there alone. The condition can give rise to many other problems such as diabetes and cardiac problems. Diabetes is a condition in which the body is unable to digest sugar due to insulin resistance. This leads to even more complications like harm to the kidney and eyes etc. The increase in weight in this century has been phenomenal.

Obesity-Related Hair Loss

Though many scientists don’t quite agree with the theory, some claim that they have substantial evidence that the two are related. They even claim that a person with a high BMI will have high chances of developing male pattern baldness. The research has found out that the combination of insulin, IGF-1 and peptide hormones leads to an increased amount of testosterone which in turn could lead to male pattern baldness.

What to do about it

The obesity issue is a burning topic of modern times. With even the young kids falling into the high-fat- junk- food -with -no- exercise trap, we must do something really fast otherwise we will be endangering our future generation. It may not be so easy to lose weight in a short period, but taking small steps will certainly affect our lives. Switching to a healthy diet is one of them. Opting for a diet full of fruits, green vegetables and nuts will work wonders for your weight issues and energy level. Likewise, you should opt for a regular exercise regimen so that you remain physically active. Including natural calorie fighting ingredients in your dishes is equally important. Using curcumin ( a chemical substance found in turmeric) could make you slimmer as it tends to make good fat cells instead of bad ones. This leads to the breakdown of fat and reduction of cholesterol.