Every woman desires flawless clear skin and perfect complexion. But factors such as free radicals, hormonal changes and sun exposure can damage your skin leading to patchy pigmentation and dark spots, making you look older.

Pigmentation is basically the presence of dark (hyperpigmentation) or light (hypopigmentation) patches on the skin. It is a commonly observed concern. It is not life-threatening, but it can definitely give sleepless nights to those who desire a clear and even skin tone. Before we look at how we can effectively treat pigmentation, first let us understand what causes it.

Our skin has melanocytes. These are cells that produce pigment called melanin which gives skin its color. The number of melanocytes present in our skin determines our skin colour. Melanin apart from giving skin its color, protects our skin from the damaging effects of sun radiation.

The more our skin is exposed to sunrays, the more melanin is produced by melanocytes. This excess melanin is then deposited under the skin, which leads to skin tan, darker patches or pigmentation. A question that might bother you is that how much of sun exposure is bad for the skin. Sun emits two types of rays i.e. UVA and UVB. UVB radiation burns the upper layers of skin (epidermis) leading to sunburns.

UVA radiation on the other hand can penetrate deeper into the skin (dermis) and trigger melanocytes to produce excess melanin leading to pigmentation. Dermis contains blood vessels and nerves and UVA by damaging dermis also leads to premature ageing. So, if your lifestyle demands being out in the sun or field work, then you're disposing yourself to gradual and persistent pigmentation and ageing. Your skin might start looking dull and prematurely aged. You will be surprised to know that even indoor lighting emits UV rays. Hence make sure that you use sunscreen always whether indoors or outdoors to protect your skin. You must also note that pigmentation not only affects face but can be found in other body areas like neck, arms, back etc. Another reason for pigmentation can be hormonal imbalance, usually triggered during pregnancy or by using birth pills. This condition is termed as melasma. Other reasons include acne and skin concerns like dermatitis, eczema etc.Pigmentation can be classified into epidermal (superficial), dermal (deep), and mixed. So, basis how severe the skin problem is, our dermatologist will recommend the right pigmentation treatment which will be a combination of chemical peels or lasers to say goodbye to pigmentation.

Our Approach For Pigmentation and Lightening

we believe that a holistic approach is necessary and crucial in treating and controlling further pigmentation. Unlike tanning, which can be taken care of by products, pigmentation needs special care. Its root cause is present deep within the skin, hence needs guidance and treatment from an expert dermatologist. We at offer specialized services that include highly effective ingredients and technologies. These services are explicitly preferred for their exceptional properties that help correct tan, pigmentation, dark spots and age spots, giving you a clearer and radiant complexion.Once you step into aour clinic, our expert dermatologists carry out a thorough skin analysis to understand the lifestyle and diagnosed cause of your pigmentation.

This prior diagnosis tells us the severity of your pigmentation. Basis the analysis, you will be advised the right Pigmentation Reduction System that your skin needs to give you clearer complexion.

Pigmentation not only affects face but can be found in other body areas like neck, arms, back etc .Our is a transformative solution that uses specialized services and products along with highly effective ingredients. It fades tanning, pigmentation marks, dark spots and age spots, leaving your skin clear and luminous. This system works well for face and the neck area, as well as any area of the body.


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Treatment For Pigmentation

Skin Lightening peel is a core peel in this system. It is a tri-active combination peel system that has been researched and developed by dermatologists. This unique peel effectively combines derma peels with botanical actives. These peels have natural skin lightening and depigmentation properties which gently exfoliate your skin, additionally it also helps reduce uneven skin tone and dark spots by improving the cell turnover. Botanical actives inhit excess melanin production resulting in even tone and visibly lighter skin.

The other peel uses for melasma is Skin perfector deep pigmentation peel which is a combination peel and suitable for hyperpigmentation and patchy skin tone. The peel has Citric and Lactic acid that lifts and whitens and kojic acid that works on dark sports.