Some Post Hair Transplant Procedure Questions

People who have tried various treatments for their balding hair and not seen any improvement in their condition should opt for surgical methods. Hair transplant is a method offered by modern science to deal with the ever-increasing number of hair loss cases. However, many of us have numerous questions about hair transplant surgery. In this post, we intend to clarify their doubts about the procedure which is conducted in two forms – FUT and FUE hair transplant.

What are the post-surgical effects of a hair transplant?

Post the procedure, the patient is given a course of antibiotics which is usually 3 days long. The surgeon also gives medications to alleviate the swelling on the head. Both the symptoms need the help of medicines to decrease and disappear with time. Most of the clinics provide an aftercare package which includes all the medications along with the instructions. It also contains a special shampoo which will be suitable for your delicate condition. You can take the package home after the surgery and follow the instructions accordingly. You will have to take an off for a week after the surgery to ensure proper healing.

When can the patient start physical exercise?

You will have to skip the gym for at least a month after undergoing the transplant. The exercises can prove to be too strenuous for you. You will also have to avoid swimming for a fortnight. The high chlorine levels in the swimming pool can cause damage to your newly grafted hair. If your pool has very high chlorine levels, it is advisable to wait for one month before diving in again.

What about my vacation – can I go soon?

Well, you will need a holiday and lots of rest after the transplant, but vacation with precaution. Don’t think you can sunbathe or lie on the beach for hours. The newly grafted hair should not be exposed to sun or rain till a period of 15 days. The patient should not come in contact with the sun by wearing a hat or putting on sunscreen. You will have to follow these precaution for up to 2 months after the transplant.

Will people know my secret?

The procedure involves shaving your head before the surgery. It is done to give the best results from the procedure. However, this might end up in swelling and redness on the scalp. If you don’t want the world to know your little secret, refrain from stepping out for at least 2 weeks. After that, you can cover your head with a cap to hide the telltale signs.