What Things You Must ask Your Hair Transplant Surgeon

People are increasingly opting for hair transplant surgery for tackling their hair loss problems. However, many are still ignorant of many aspects of the surgery. People know the basic functions and purpose of the surgery, along with the two types of options it offers –FUT and FUE hair transplant. Still, many of the patients are full of small and big queries regarding the procedure. We are here to guide you through the details so that you are confident about pursuing the surgery.

Who performs the surgery-a doctor or a beauty professional?

The hair transplant is a medical procedure and MUST be carried out by a qualified doctor. Many beauty parlors claim to perform these surgeries but mind you, they do not house the medically trained professionals. At our clinic, you will be under the care of a qualified doctor who handles each aspect of the transplant effectively, whether it is extraction of follicles or their implantation. To make things work in the best way, opt for a clinic of repute.

What is the ideal age for a hair transplant?

The question, as well as the answer to this question, is quite significant. The result of your treatment is dependent on various factors including the age. It is difficult to pinpoint any ideal age for the procedure but too young people should not opt for it. They can opt for alternate procedures like Pigmentation treatment instead if they find that their hair is thinning out very fast.

How natural are the results of a hair transplant?

The results will also depend on the clinic. A reputed clinic with trained professionals will certainly deliver better-looking results than an average or lesser-known clinic. It’s for some reason that we specify that you should always opt for a good clinic. Hair transplant done by an expert will deliver the best results and natural looks. You have to take care that you opt for a good clinic and a well-known surgeon.

After how long will my hair start growing again?

The answer to this common question is quite difficult to answer as there is no one answer for everyone. Each patient has a different regrowth cycle, which again depends on many other factors. Most patients notice an immediate change after the surgery. However, the complete regrowth process takes around a year in some cases. There is no reason to worry as the new hair will give you the fullest look once it starts growing. You will have to have some patience to see the results.